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Trans people reveal how their pets reacted to their transition

Trans people reveal how their pets reacted to their transition

Pets show their Pride for their trans owners

Hormones play a big part when it comes to the love our pets have for us.

Dogs, cats and many of our furry or scaly friends know us by our smell, our voices, and who’s giving them cuddles in the evening.

So a rarely answered question is: do pets treat their owners differently after they transition?

‘My snail just straight up died.’

Answering the question on Reddit, a trans teen from the Bay Area joked: ‘My snail just straight up died.

‘On the scale of reactions I’ve gotten, it wasn’t too bad, honestly.’

‘My blind Chihuahua, always preferred women,’ one trans woman said on Reddit. ‘She could smell the difference, in at least perfumes etc.

‘Suffice to say, she lets me hold her and is much less aggressive.’

A trans man has said he’s noticed his cat meowing at him in a lower register when he talks to him.

‘I don’t think my lizard even knows where he is let alone who or what I am.’


‘My other three cats could not give a fuck, and I don’t think my lizard even knows where he is let alone who or what I am.’

For one trans guy who transitioned and moved country at the same time, he feared what his pets would think of him when he returned.

‘My voice dropped, the whole lot, and my dog still recognized me even after long periods of time. My cat also didn’t bat an eyelid.’

‘The family dog I grew up with didn’t recognize me.’


But for other pets, especially ones towards the end of their life, they were less familiar.

‘The family dog I grew up with didn’t recognize me when I came home for the first time since beginning transition,’ another guy said.

‘I remember always coming back after fairly long trips and he’d be so excited to see me.

‘Then I started testosterone, grew a decent beard, and got a massive voice drop. Went home and the poor thing was terrified of me. It was sad.

‘He didn’t run up to me with his sock like he always did. Sadly he never had the time to realize it was his old buddy because he died the next month.’

‘My cat’s definitely way sweeter on me now!’


But even if they do forget, it can also work out well.

A trans woman wrote: ‘I think my cat forgot who I was for a few months.

‘I read once that cats primarily identify others by smell which is actually really sad because my smell is different now.

‘I wonder if he thinks I abandoned him and I’m some nice new lady who knows exactly how he likes to be scratched.

‘He’s definitely way sweeter on me now!’

‘The dog noticed I was trans before my friends did!’


One trans woman was taking hormones years before she socially transitioned, and it turns out a dog noticed before her other friends.

‘I started taking estrogen a couple years before I socially transitioned,’ she said.

‘A friends’ dog that humps only women went after me too, and it became a big joke about it until I explained what happened after transitioning.’

‘My pets did not give a single fuck.’


But how do pets react when both people in a couple transition?

‘My husband and I are both transitioning and the cats, the dog and the lizard did not give a single fuck,’ they said.

‘My bees on the other hand became super aggressive for a few weeks until I found a deodorant that actually fucking worked. They calmed back down.’