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Trans people share their name stories on Twitter

Trans people share their name stories on Twitter

Trans people on Twitter are sharing the stories of how they got their names

This has been a difficult week for trans people. Between the passage of US President Donald Trump’s transgender military ban and Japan’s Supreme Court ruling that trans people must be sterilized before undergoing gender confirmation surgery, it seems like the dignity of those who identify as trans is under attack.

Still, despite this, trans people on Twitter are celebrating themselves with the hashtag #TransNameStory.

Where It Started

The hashtag seems to have been started by Faith Naff, a queer author. On 23 January, she asked trans Twitter how they picked their names.

On this hashtag, numerous trans people have shared how they got their names. While some names beared family significance, others came from entertainment media like books, movies, TV shows, and video games.

Check out some of the most touching (and unique) name stories below.

Family Names

Religion, Mythology & Heritage

Pop Culture

The Unique, Unusual & What Felt Right

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