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Trans plastic surgery addict Jessica Alves will seek a husband and baby daddy on dating show

Trans plastic surgery addict Jessica Alves will seek a husband and baby daddy on dating show

  • Alves will hold a Love Island style contest to find a father for her baby and possibly marry the winner.
Jessica Alves.

Transgender reality TV star Jessica Alves has landed a major dating show which will see her travel the world seeking the perfect man.

Alves is famous for her love of plastic surgery which started before she transitioned. She became known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’ and indicated another change may see her become a ‘Barbie’.

In total, the 36-year-old, who came out as trans in January this year, has spent £600,000 ($780,720 €663,200) on cosmetic surgery.

But now she is dreaming of finding love and becoming a mother.

The new show has a working title of Love Me Gender: Everyone Deserves A Bit Of Love In Life.

Alves may marry on the show

Alves told MailOnline: ‘Everyone deserves to have love in their life and I need a little help in that department. It feels different dating as a woman.

‘I speak six languages and I will be traveling to different countries where I can speak the language, including the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the USA, Brazil and The Netherlands.

‘Then I’ll pick the best date from each country and get them all together at a big Love Island style villa before choosing the winner.

‘I won’t rule out getting married on the show if I meet the man of my dreams. And I hope he has the same dreams of starting a family.

‘I want to show the world that a trans woman like me is able to go on dates with straight men who don’t mind which gender I was born.’

Big Brother controversy

Alves is working with TV production company Concept Street on the show. It is set to appear on a major streaming service.

However Alves comments on her love life has gotten her in serious trouble in the past.

Before she transitioned she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. But the producers gave her a final warning when she used the n-word twice to describe the kinds of men she finds attractive. They then expelled her from the Big Brother house after another incident.

She blamed her comments on being ‘excited’ and ‘intoxicated’ and said she regretted it.