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Trans pop star Jordan Gray called transphobic slur in Luton park

Trans pop star Jordan Gray called transphobic slur in Luton park

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Transgender pop star Jordan Gray, who became famous on The Voice UK, was called a transphobic slur in a park.

The singer and performer, who is currently on a 30-date tour around the UK, flew home from Glasgow to see her girlfriend at home in Luton yesterday (22 August).

While spending time on the swings in Stockwood Park, the couple kissed briefly.

But then a man, who was with his family, came over to them and told them to not kiss in front of his children.

‘My girlfriend, who is very protective, asked what was wrong with that? Surely you would want your children to see love and seeing people happy,’ Gray told Gay Star News.

‘He was not happy with that. He then turned to me and kept asking, “You’re a tranny, are you a tranny?”. I very calmly told him that’s not a word you use. I said it as diplomatically as possible. And then when he said it again, I said I would call the police.’


The man said it again, Gray said, and she called the police. The man soon gathered his kids and drove off in his car. She took a photograph of the man’s license plate and made a police report.

‘It hurts and that’s not an exaggeration,’ she added, saying she doubted the man would have reacted with shock and disgust if it had been a straight couple kissing and not a gay one.

‘He was completely sincere in his beliefs, and what he believed is completely counter to my existence. It hurt my core.’

This is the third transphobic hate crime to happen in Luton in the past week.

‘Times are changing, and reporting hate crime is important,’ Gray added. ‘A lot of LGBTI people, if something happens it’s often the case that many people feel like they deserve it. But they don’t, you need to feel self-worth and not let it get drummed out of you.’