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Trans student aims to stop bullying with chocolate

A British 21-year-old woman is trying to stop transphobic bullying by celebrating diversity with confectionary

Trans student aims to stop bullying with chocolate

A trans UK student has started a campaign aiming to combat anti-LGBT bullying and depression with chocolate.

Lily Workman, 21, and her small team are custom-making truffles, with such flavors as rainbow, apple pie, and dark chocolate with red wine.

The aim is to raise awareness of bullying, both transgender and LGBT, by making these diverse chocolates.

Workman is setting up her own chocolate company, but with all profits going to anti-bullying charities.

‘The campaign was formed after I became increasingly frustrated at hearing tales and stories of bullying from my younger LGBT friends,’ Workman told Gay Star News.

‘Our aim is simple: to celebrate our individuality and differences. As bullies usually focus on people who don’t fit the norm we wanted to take those differences and show just how amazing they are!’

She added: ‘We are only a small group of students, trying to raise money and awareness with very limited resources, working out of our spare time – aside our full-time studies, but hopefully, even if it’s only on a small scale – we really want to make a difference.’

If you would like to check out, donate and order some truffles from Lily’s, then click here.

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