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Trans student kicked out by Christian school crowned Homecoming King

His friends helped send a message back to his old school in the most perfect way

Trans student kicked out by Christian school crowned Homecoming King
Stiles Zuschlag | Facebook
Stiles Zuschlag says he wouldn't change anything about his story

A trans teen who was kicked out of his Christian school for transitioning has been voted homecoming king.

Just weeks after being forced to find a new school, Stiles Zuschlag found out his new friends put his name on the final ballot for homecoming king.

Speaking to Gay Star News he says, ‘I wasn’t really that well known throughout the school yet, the first interview hadn’t been published yet.’

But, without realizing Zuschlag had made a big impact at his new school, making ‘a lot of friends.’

‘I later found out that they all put my name in the email for the final ballot. I found out when I walked into Latin Class one day.’

Zuschlag couldn’t believe it.

‘I have never been more shocked in my life. I asked on Snapchat as a joke to put me in and people actually did it – I still can’t believe they did that for me.’

When the homecoming game came around, the emotion all came at once.

Stiles Zuschlag's emotional homecoming game

Stiles Zuschlag shared photos from the night with Gay Star News

‘After I won at the Homecoming Game, I almost started crying. My friends all put me in, people I didn’t even know put me in, everyone voted for me on the final ballot.’

Prior to joining Noble, his new school in Maine, Stiles Zuschlag had been a student at New Hampshire Tri-City Christian Academy since kindergarten.

On track to be valedictorian he was kicked out of their private Christian school, for transitioning. Or in the words of the principal ‘going down the wrong path,’ according to Seacoast Online.

Moreover, being told to confess his sins and renounce being male and stop testosterone treatments – he was offered Christian counseling.

Putting his transphobic Christian school behind him

Reflecting on the difference between his new school Noble in Maine, he says he wouldn’t change a thing.

‘It made me think about how little I had at Tri-City. I didn’t have much exposure there to anything and I was really secluded from a lot. I rarely knew anything except what was in those walls. I’m really glad I’m where I am now and I wouldn’t change it for the world.’

It was immediately obvious his new school’s approach was markedly different from the get-go.

Coming out in the interview at his new school, they began discussing which pronoun would he like to be called and which gender bathroom he would prefer.

However, when we last spoke to Zuschlag, he was still hoping to be the valedictorian. Now, that won’t be possible because he has joined so late.

But, with his new school’s approach so ‘amazing’ – it’s clear one thing Zuchslag has already got that his previous school could never deliver, a community of friends that care for him.

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