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Trans student receives best response after asking to wear dress to graduation

Trans student receives best response after asking to wear dress to graduation

Emma Beuno trans student dress philippines

The president of a college in the Philippines wrote to a trans student to tell her she had his enthusiastic permission to wear female-presenting clothes to her graduation.

One of the graduation committee professors at Ateneo de Naga University, a Jesuit college in Bicol, told Emma Beuno cross-dressing is not allowed during her Bacalaureate Mass and Graduation Ceremony.

Distressed by the comments, Beuno wrote to the president.

In the letter, shared on Twitter, Beuno wrote: ‘Personally, wearing clothes for male is the act that would make me feel [sic.] like that I am crossdressing.

‘In addition, I’m already transitioning physically and emotionally to gender that  feel and recognize as what really I am through medication with prescription for almost 2 years.

‘I have gained the support of my parents, relative, friends, peers and the Ateneo community itself ever since I started transitioning.’


The president, Fr. Roberto Exequiel Rivera, stamped his ‘approved’ stamp on the letter.

He also wrote: ‘Pls. present this letter if your clothing is questioned. Congratulations!’

Bueno was ecstatic with the response. She posted a photo of the letter on Twitter.

‘One of my transphobic/homophobic teacher called the attention of the graduation committee questioning my way of wearing female clothes for the baccalaureate mass and graduation day.

‘So I wrote a letter personally to the Father President and his response made me emotional.’

Emma Beuno’s graduation day is 23 March 2019 and she wore a spectacular red dress. Congratulations Emma!

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