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This trans teen was beaten at her New Jersey high school

‘I'm going to make sure that people know that trans lives, every life, matters,' the teen said after the ordeal

This trans teen was beaten at her New Jersey high school

Kylie Perez, a 14-year-old trans teen from New Jersey, was viciously beaten in her high school’s hallway. The whole ordeal was caught on security cameras.

At least four students kicked and punched Perez as she was walking down her school’s hallway.

According to Perez, one girl shouted, ‘there’s the tranny!’ before the attack began.

[The following video contains graphic violence]

Both Perez and her mother, Lillian Richards, have said that these bullies have made school harder for Perez since she began transitioning in sixth grade.

Richards and Perez reported the assault to both the school and the Newark Police Department, which officially classified it as a ‘bias incident’ and notified the Essex County Prosecutor’s office.

According to, seven students have been suspended in connection with the incident.

Still, as far as Richards and Perez know, the school has yet to hold any sort of anti-bullying program or initiative since the incident.

‘When my daughter goes to school, I expect her to be safe in school,’ Richards told Pix11.

Public officials speak out

‘This act was particularly egregious because the victim is a young teen whose attackers assailed her without warning,’ said Newark Mayor, Ras Baraka. ‘[It] reinforces the importance of the role of our schools in educating students about the need to respect each other’s rights regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.’

The Newark Public School Board spoke out against the incident in the following statement:

‘The Newark Public Schools and School Board stand with our LGBTQ students and staff, and the entire Newark Community, in condemning the heinous and discriminatory acts that occurred at East Side High School last week.’

Still, Perez didn’t let this harassment phase her, saying, ‘I’m going to make sure that people know that trans lives, every life, matters’ and ‘You can have your opinion and I’ll have mine, too. You don’t have to bring me down.’

Upon Perez’s return to school, she was met with a great deal of support.

GSN has reached out to East Side High School’s principal, Dr. Mario Santos, for comment.

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