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Trans teen Jazz Jennings gets a TV show and commercial

Trans teen Jazz Jennings gets a TV show and commercial

Jazz Jennings, a 14-year-old trans teenager, is slowly turning into a media sensation.

TLC has ordered an 11-series show called All That Jazz. The docu-series will chronicle her daily life, including high-school, family, and experience as a LGBTI advocate.

Included in the series will be her parents Greg and Jeanette, siblings Ari, Griffen, Sander, and her maternal grandparents Jack and Jacky.

‘Jazz’s story is universal, yet unique, and we’re proud to partner with her family to share it with TLC’s audience,’  TLC General Manager Nancy Daniels said, according to GLAAD.

‘Jazz may be known as an author and activist, but she’s first and foremost a teenage girl with a big, brave heart, living a remarkable life,’ Daniels continued.

Last September, the teen’s children’s book, I am Jazz (co-author Jessica Herthel), was published in the US.

Intended for children between the ages of four and eight, Jennings said she hoped the book would allow transgender children to ‘step out of the shadows.’

‘For transgender kids who are struggling, I want them to know they’re not alone,’ Jennings told People magazine last fall.

Aside from the upcoming show, Jennings is also the face of Skin Care’s media campaign #SeeTheRealMe (see the ad below).

‘The "See the Real Me" campaign is so great at helping girls find the courage to open up to their peers and be themselves, and I could really relate to that,’ Jennings said, according to GLAAD.