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Fundraiser to help trans kid violently beaten smashes target in just a day

Fundraiser to help trans kid violently beaten smashes target in just a day

Bullies at a UK school left a trans teen with a concussion and a boot mark on her head in a violent transphobic attack.

Coron Kraatz, 15, fears going to school each day after fellow pupils attacked her for being trans.

But thousands have rallied in support for her after trans TV personality India Willoughby started a fundraiser to ‘cheer up’ the teen.

What did the bullies do to Kraatz?

On 19 March, Kraatz went a special changing room provided by the school for her before gym class.

But another girl grabbed her and hit her to the ground before stamping on her head.

As a result, the Oasis Academy Wintringham student was taken to hospital and treated for bruising and a concussion.

Nauseous for several days due to the head injury, Grimsby Live reported that the incident has caused her immeasurable anxiety. She worries about her safety when leaving her home.

Moreover, the concussion means Kraatz has no memory of the two hours before the incident; relying on other classmates to inform her what happened.

Not the only time

This was the third time bullies transphobically targeted Kraatz.

Prior to coming out, ‘viscous bullies’ assaulted her on her way from school and recently in a local park.

Her mother told Grimsby Live: ‘Coron was left with cuts on her scalp and struggled washing her head for days because of how painful it was.

‘A teacher even told us that if they did not intervene at the right time then it could have been too late, as the girl was stamping down on the temple of her head.

‘The whole thing had left her very badly shaken to the point where she just wanted to sit inside all day with the windows shut and feared even leaving the house.’

The school excluded the pupil responsible for the attack.

Smashing targets 

In response to what happened, the trailblazing BBC News presenter India Willoughby started a fundraiser to boost Kraatz’s spirits.

And in less than 24 hours, the public smashed Willoughby’s £500 target; raising just over £1,100.

After the target was smashed, Willoughby tweeted: ‘The fact so many kind people responded so quickly shows that there is a lot of love out there for trans kids like Coran.

‘I’m sure the gesture alone means a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who sent a few quid, which I’ll pass on as soon as the page allows.’

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