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Trans teen steps in front of train, commits suicide

Trans teen steps in front of train, commits suicide

A transgender teenage boy has stepped in front of an oncoming train, killing himself months after he came out as male.

Riley Matthew Moscatel, 17, left a suicide note on Instagram saying: ‘I’m a prisoner of my own body.’

After the note was posted, he was pronounced dead after the train strike near his home in Croydon, Pennsylvania.

Friends said Moscatel had been researching hormone treatments, frustrated he could not start them until he turned 18. His parents had allowed him to cut his hair short and had bought him a breast binder.

‘Everyone supported him,’ Kate Cimino, a friend who had been in a relationship with him.

‘Even though everyone showed support and called him Riley, it didn’t match up to what he felt of himself.’

In June, Moscatel posted a picture of himself on Facebook.

‘I just wanna wake up to my actual body, not to what leftovers I’ve been given,’ he said.

Moscatel’s family said they were supportive of their son, but admitted they still referred to him as their daughter.

Rich Moscatel, Riley’s father, told The Trentonian: ‘We knew that it was important to her.

‘If it was important to her, it was important to us whether we understood it or not.’

Below is Moscatel’s note he left on Instagram. Be warned, it is hard to read. For anyone feeling depressed or suicidal, please contact your country’s helpline.