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Trans teen ‘strangled, bullied, and abused’ at Scottish school

Trans teen ‘strangled, bullied, and abused’ at Scottish school

International Trans Day of Visibility

A Scottish trans teen has spoken about the abuse he faced from classmates at school last month.

Speaking to the Evening Telegraph, Ash Dodds, 14, said that the support from friends, family, and school faculty have given him strength.

But Dodd’s mother, Sabrina Bannister, has criticized Morgan Academy, Dundee, for not immediately informing her about the attack.

What happened?

‘I’m not quite sure why it [the abuse] started,’ Dodds said,’ ‘but it began a few months ago and this one boy attacked me.

‘I just try my best to work on through it. I wasn’t injured.’

In the incident, classmates ‘strangled’ him on ‘two occasions,’ Yet, the school did not inform his mother that this attack took place.

Although, teachers at the Scottish secondary school put referrals whenever an incident takes place. As a result, one boy has been excluded.

His mother had no clue

Dodds said the abuse has been going on for several months, but the school did not make his mother aware ‘until the Easter holidays.

Bannister, 31, said: ‘I have contacted the police who are now treating this very seriously as a hate crime and are to visit the school.

‘I suffer from depression and anxiety and Ash has been suicidal about this bullying. I am really concerned something a bully says or does tips my child over.

‘Another slightly older lad has also been bullying him and calling him names.

‘It then escalated to strangling. It is just not on. He has now been excluded for a few days, three I think.

‘Despite it all Ash has been doing well at school and I don’t want his education to suffer because of this.’

‘Does not tolerate bullying’

The local paper spoke to a Dundee City Council spokesperson. They said: ‘The school does not tolerate bullying in any form and will take the appropriate action where necessary.

‘Families are always involved when any allegation is brought to the attention of the school.

‘The school has recently won an LGBT charter award.’

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