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Alleged trans woman, 22, stabbed to death by father

Alleged trans woman, 22, stabbed to death by father

A 22-year-old, believed to be a trans woman, is alleged to have been stabbed to death by her father on Friday night (13 February).

Bri Golec, an artist and drummer from Akron, Ohio, is the seventh known trans person to murdered this year.

The Golec family say Bri was actually Brian, a man, and was not trans. (Note, our policy is not to use previous names for trans people but in respect for the grieving family’s wishes and the fact the identity can not be confirmed beyond all doubt, we are including this reference.)

Police charged Kevin Golec, 52, with murder and domestic violence and is being held at the Summit County Jail.

The authorities said they responded to a call for a robbery at 10pm, and found a person dead near the side of the small yellow house.

In a recording of the 911 call made by the 52-year-old Golec, he asserts – with plenty of swear words – that his ‘son was in a cult’ and ‘they attacked us’. He also said he needed an ambulance.

‘They attacked us,’ he tells a dispatcher. ‘They came into our house.’

However, once the police arrived, they found that no robbery occured and there was an altercation between the victim and father.

Golec was arrested and will be arraigned at the Akron Municipal Court on Tuesday (17 February).

On Facebook, the 22-year-old Golec’s friends said Bri was a Pagan and had reportedly recently started going to a transgender support group. We cannot confirm if Golec was transgender, as there are two Facebook profiles – one male and one female. Some people who claim to have known her has said she identified as a woman, and others have said he identified as a man. Police and local media have gendered Golec as male.

Trans Ohio said: ‘We are saddened to learn of the murder of Bri Golec, a 22-year-old trans woman who resided in Akron, Ohio.

‘Her father has been arrested and is in jail at this time. Please keep our Akron community in your thoughts and prayers.’

The results of the autopsy have yet to be revealed. Golec will be buried on 20 February.

UPDATE: The language in this report has been updated to reflect family members’ clear statement that Golec was male and not a trans woman. We continue to note, as we did before, that Golec’s gender identity can not be 100% confirmed based on conflicting evidence currently available.