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Trans woman to be sent to male prison in NZ

Trans woman to be sent to male prison in NZ

A transgender woman is being sent to a men’s prison in New Zealand after she pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to injure.

The trans woman, who was referred to as Glen Cooper in court, had requested to serve her prison time as home detention as her lawyer said she could face abuse the other inmates in a men’s jail.

Judge Duncan Harvery, who previously said ‘it would be unjust not to hold out hope of home detention’, instead reduced her sentence by 15% in recognition of the difficulties she would have in a men’s prison, New Zealand Herald reports.

Cooper was sentenced to serve two years and one month. The charge related to an incident on 17 January this year when Cooper admitted hitting a man over the head with a bottle of wine in a home in Whangarei, northern New Zealand. The man suffered two cuts to his head, which needed stitches, and an artery in his leg was cut.

Cooper’s lawyer Kelly Ellis said the fact that Judge Harvey aknowledged the lack of hormone treatment for trandgender people in jail as ‘appalling’ is a step forward for the community.