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Trans woman pleads for her life as men torture and stone her to death

Trans woman pleads for her life as men torture and stone her to death

Dandara dos Santos was tortured and stoned to death

A trans woman in Brazil was tortured before her attackers shot her in the face and beat her to death with a stone.

Dandara dos Santos, 42, was killed on 15 February. A video is now showing her assault is spreading on social media.

She was killed in Bom Jardim, a low-income neighborhood in Fortaleza, a city in the north eastern state of Ceará.

The video shows her sitting on the ground, wearing a torn t-shirt and covered in blood and dust.

Her attackers, at least five men, are apparently trying to force her to climb into a wheelbarrow.

Warning: This video contains potentially distressing images.

When Dandara does not comply they start beating her, one man using his flip-flop.

They beat and kick their victim in the head, first using their bare hands.

One of the men can then be seen repeatedly beating Dandara, who repeatedly tries but seems unable to stand up, with a wooden plank.

They then forcefully lift their victim into the wheelbarrow. As they wheel her down the dirt road, one of her attackers is shouting slurs.

According to the authorities, Dandara was killed later in the day, in a nearby street.

She was shot in the face, twice, before her attackers bludgeoned her to death. According to police, they used a big stone which they bashed on Dandara’s head.

According to the video caption, Dandara was also beaten with stones; this, as well as the murder, are not part of the video.

On Saturday (4 March) Camilo Santana, Governor of Ceará, expressed his sympathy with Dandara’s family and friends.

‘Any act that seeks to destroy life has my deepest disgust,’ he said on his Facebook page.

‘Since the beginning of our government, we don’t have measured efforts, along with our security forces, in order to combat violence in Ceará.’

He called the attack against Dandara ‘repulsive and unacceptable’ and vowed to identify and punish all of her attackers.

Police said the video helped them identify some the men who attacked Dandara.

They have since arrested five men – three of them are still teenagers.

Officers are still looking for more suspects.

Bruno Ronchi, the officer leading the investigation, told the New York Times the crime’s cruelty shocked police.

He also said some of the arrested suspects were involved in drug trafficking and other crimes.

Dandara’s death is the latest in a growing climate of anti-LGBTI violence in Brazil.

According to website Homophobia Kills, 37 LGBTI people have died this year in Brazil, including suicides.