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Trans woman defeats man behind anti-trans bathroom bill in election

Trans woman defeats man behind anti-trans bathroom bill in election

Danica Roem, a transgender candidate in one of the many US elections today

Danica Roem has just become the first trans woman elected to state office in the US, defeating an anti-LGBTI candidate.

Democrat Roem beat Republican candidate Bob Marshall for the Virginia House of Delegates District 13 seat.

Roem was endorsed by former Vice President Joe Biden and ran on a platform of improving access to public services.

She ran against candidate Bob Marshall who during his time in office put forward a number of anti-LGBTI bills and referred to himself as Virginia’s ‘chief homophobe’.

Marshall was behind a controversial ‘bathroom bill’ that would require transgender people to use the public restroom that matches the sex designated on their original birth.

During the election campaign Marshall even referred to Roem using male pronouns.

But Roem remained gracious in her win and delivered a powerful speech after she won. Roem said despite his views, she would treat Marshall like any other constituent.

‘We can’t get lost tearing each other down,’ Roem said in a powerful speech after she won.

‘I don’t attack my constituents, Bob is my constituent now,’ Roem said after her win.


Roem was just one of a number of LGBTI candidates running for office in today’s elections. Another LGBTI winner, was Andrea Jenkins who became the first trans woman of color to win a seat in public office.