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Trans woman fired from Minnesota restaurant for wearing makeup

Trans woman fired from Minnesota restaurant for wearing makeup

Butte, Minnesota local Skyler Jordan was allegedly fired for wearing makeup

A trans woman has claimed she was fired from her Minnesota restaurant job for wearing makeup.

Skyler Jordan, from Butte, was fired last weekend (17 March) from Sparky’s Garage.

She told 4KXLF she arrived for a Saturday shift when her manager objected to her wearing makeup.

What happened?

She said: ‘He didn’t want me to wear makeup and that I couldn’t and that my job depended on it.

‘And that I didn’t present the wholesomeness and family-oriented atmosphere.’

Jordan washed off her makeup and continued working.

But the next morning, a pair from the Rainbow Plus Community Center visited the manager and told him Butte has an anti-discrimination ordinance.

They alleged Jordan’s manager fired her on the spot.

Taking it to the HRC

‘This is not what we wanted,’ Samantha Brown of the group said, ‘we met friendly, in person, to try to help this situation and it turned into this so fast.’

‘We got ahold the Human Rights Network, filed a report, we’re also filing reports with the Human Rights Bureau of Montana,’ said Brown.

Jordan added: ‘I don’t want to be discriminated against.

‘And I don’t want anybody else in the LGBTQ community or any type of community even, quote-unquote, normal people to be discriminated for any reason.’

Not an isolated case

This isn’t the only time a manager has fired a trans woman for suspicious reasons.

Similarly, a trans woman sued a restaurant for unlawful termination in New Jersey earlier this year.

Crystal Aiello worked at the Sicilian Sun for only one day before her manager terminated her employment.

Moreover, Aiello is seeking lost wages, punitive damages and legal fees in accordance with the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination.

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