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Trans woman gored by stag in freak accident

Trans woman gored by stag in freak accident

A trans woman is fighting for her life after being gored by a stag in a ‘bizarre and horrific’ attack.

Doctor Kate Stone was airlifted to hospital in Glasgow yesterday after being wounded by the animal near Fort William in the Scottish Highlands.

She is understood to be in intensive care with severe injuries to her neck and spine caused by the stag’s antlers.

The Cambridge academic and research engineer had been on a short break with friends.

In the early hours of Monday morning as they were standing outside a private home in Lochailort, the stag targeted Stone and attacked.

They were staying at the nearby Mo-Dhachaidh B&B owned by Gary Burton.

‘I think what happened was that the stag panicked. It was trapped in a fenced garden having got through a gate. I don’t think there was anywhere else to go and it charged out of the gate,’ he told the Press and Journal Newspaper.

‘It’s very bizarre and very horrific.’

Burton added: ‘This is a one-in-a-million event which has shocked the whole community.

‘We are at one with nature in Lochailort and we have deer all around us.

‘We are all hoping and praying that Kate pulls through.’