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Trans woman in Utah posts suicide note on Facebook before stepping into traffic

Trans woman in Utah posts suicide note on Facebook before stepping into traffic

Shortly before ending her life on Wednesday morning, 26-year-old transgender woman Ashley Hallstrom of Logan, Utah, posted her final note on Facebook detailing her depression and ‘lifelong struggle with being transgender.’

‘From a very young age, I was told that people like me are freaks and abominations, that we are sick in the head and society hates us. This made me hate who I was. I tried so hard to be just like everyone else but this isn’t something you can change. I can’t stand to live another day, so I’m committing suicide.’

She then drove to nearby Logan Canyon, where police say she walked into traffic and was hit by a dump truck on the highway.

Logan City Police Capt. Tyson Budge said the police believe that the act was ‘intentional.’

‘According to witnesses and information that we gathered on the scene, it appears that the pedestrian had jumped in front of that northbound vehicle,’ Budge was quoted as saying by the Cache Valley Daily.

‘Evidence at the scene gave every indication that the driver had attempted to swerve and brake, to avoid the collision but was unable to do so.’

The police department said it had also received reports of Hallstrom’s suicide note, but were unable to locate her before the fatal collision.

Hallstrom wrote that she wanted her experience to be a reason for people to help one another.

‘I believe my last words can help make the change that society needs to make so that one day there will be no others like me. Please help make this change because trans people are everywhere. You may never know who you’re hurting until it’s too late. Please help fix society,’ she wrote in her Facebook post.

Several of her friends have started a GoFundMe page to help Hallstrom’s family pay for funeral expenses. At the time of this report, they’ve raised over $3,100 of their $3,250 goal.

Trans Lifeline, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the well being of transgender people in the US, runs a hotline staffed by transgender people for transgender people. They can be contacted: US: (877) 565-8860, Canada: (877) 330-6366. For LGBT support resources in the UK, click here.