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Trans woman joins sex workers in body positive underwear campaign

Trans woman joins sex workers in body positive underwear campaign

A trans webcam model, a sexagenarian with a ‘Dolly Parton personality’ and a luxury financial dominatrix are just some of the sex workers who’ve come together to promote body positivity.

Trans woman TsBlondieNYC is a former phone sex operator and webcam model and is one of the faces of the campaign.

Along with ManyVids – an adult marketplace – the women have come together to challenge the stereotypes, body image, age, sexual identification, and orientation perpetuated within the adult industry.

#MVFreeTheBody is a body-positive underwear campaign that denounces outdated ideals propagated by pornography.

ManyVids created the campaign and used six real sex workers in it.


TsBlondieNYC told Gay Star News that while doing the campaign was a great experience, she did feel some apprehension going into it.

‘It feels amazing to be a part of this campaign, it is such an amazing experience for me as a trans woman to be asked to be a part of #FreeTheBody,’ she said.

Before accepting the campaign, the cam girl felt scared but her friends convinced her to join it.

‘They were so happy for me they were “like go ahead and do it you look amazing, this is your moment” so I took it and I went with it. Here we are,’ she said.

TsBlondieNYC’s career is on the rise, this year she won the ‘Best Trans Clip artist’ at the coveted XBIZ Cam Awards. While felt amazed winning in a competitive category, she put in the hard work and knew she deserved it.

‘I’ve put all the work in and hard work does really pay off,’ she said.

‘And now I am an award winner crushing goals.’

Redefining sex-positive beauty

The underwear in the campaign is the brainchild of ManyVids CEO, Bella French. She designed the pieces selected for the campaign.

The campaign celebrates real sex workers who feel beautiful and sexy at any age on a mission to raise body-positivity and gender equality in the adult industry.

‘In 2019, the adult industry landscape is widely different to what it was in 2014 when we launched ManyVids; however, our commitment to redefining beauty, promote sex-positivity, and raise awareness on gender equality in the adult industry hasn’t changed, French said.

‘The women photographed in our campaign celebrate inclusion and diversity; each has her own unique, brave story and is a true inspiration for women everywhere. These are the true faces and bodies of our erotic fantasies.’

The six women who star in the Free the Body campaign | Photo: Supplied

Free the Body

Since 2014, ManyVids said it has made it its mission to promote sex positivity and the fair treatment of sex workers.

It recommitted to sex workers with the #MVFreeTheBody campaign. ManyVids also vowed to remain the most inclusive and sex-positive online adult community where sex workers are celebrated for their unique diversity.

‘We want to show the world the real beauties that millions of our members truly desire and not the unidimensional beauty standard that has permeated every facet of our media, including pornography, the ultimate platform for the definition of what is appealing,’ French said.

‘ManyVids exists as validation that women of every shape, age, sexual identification, and size are beautiful.

‘Our platform serves to provide them with a means to shine proudly and embrace who they are. Who they really are without any shame and the sex workers featured in this campaign are a testament to that fact.’

The real women in the campaign all agree ‘there is room for growth in the portrayal of women in porn’.

‘Together, we will rise to the occasion and help change the narrative,’ they said.

The women include Sally D’Angelo, a sexagenarian from Tennessee, Gwen Adora, a fiery Canadian plus-size sex blogger and model, Sure Cakes, a sunny webcam model, Goddess Haven, a luxury financial dominatrix and fetish artist and Kay Ottie, a tattooed model from Florida.

Finally, of course there’s TsBlondieNYC.