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This trans girl ran an interesting experiment on Singapore’s busiest street

This trans girl ran an interesting experiment on Singapore’s busiest street

Cassandra Thng wanted to do something different for Transgender Day of Visibility in Singapore. Photo: Facebook

Cassandra Thng is a trans advocate trying to raise the visibility of her community in Singapore.

For the Transgender Day of Visibility she decided to head to Singapore’s busiest street to walk around holding up a sign.

‘I am trans. Will you take a photo with me?’ the sign read.

The reaction from people was mixed. About 65 people stopping to take a photo with the 20-year-old.

‘I must have walked past thousands of people,’ Thng wrote on Facebook.

‘From ebullient excitement, concealed excitement, quiet support, to tacit acknowledgement, to side-eyes, weird looks, stares, glares, and expressions of outright distaste, today, as much as I was visible to Singapore, Singapore was visible to me.

‘I was visible by choice, out of the bubble that is my progressive friends.’

Singapore making some progress

Gender reassignment surgery is required for people to be legally recognised as their true gender. But trans issues are still taboo in Singapore.

But trans issues are becoming more visible as more support is available to trans people.

Thng said she was worried about her safety before she started. But other than a few hostile stares, she said most people were supportive.

‘I was afraid of being verbally disparaged, receiving threats of physical violence, experiencing harassment, experiencing physical or sexual violence, and being stalked,’ she told The Straits Times.

‘We are at a much higher risk… and with me being as visibly out and attention-seeking as I was on that day, I felt like I was at an inordinately high risk.

‘The most interesting thing that night… was three Christian girls asking to say a prayer for me – and they prayed that I may have the strength to be myself, and have the labels not put on me by God to be cast off.

‘I could not have asked for things to go better.’