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Trans woman sent to men’s prison ‘getting constant sexual abuse’

Trans woman sent to men’s prison ‘getting constant sexual abuse’

Tara Hudson is in a men's prison

A trans woman who was sent to a men’s prison is not fully segregated and is suffering constant sexual harassment.

Tara Hudson, 26, was sentenced to 12 weeks inside Horfield jail with 600 male prisoners after she admitted assault. It is understood that this is because she does not possess a gender recognition certificate and her passport says she is still a man.

Speaking exclusively to Gay Star News, Jackie Brooklyn, the mother of Tara, said that she has finally managed to speak to her daughter.

She said: ‘I spoke to Tara today and she told me she is getting loads of sexual harassment and abuse.

‘She is segregated to a point, but on the wing where she is being held, a man in the next cell has tried to commit suicide several times while she was there.

‘They are constantly shouting her name and asking her to show them her boobs.

‘Although she is locked up 23 hours a day, she has to mix, and when she does, they are sexually harassing her.’

Several papers today have carried stories claiming Tara will be, or is about to be, moved to a women’s prison. However, sources close to the #ISeeTara support campaign in Bath have said this is not true.

An appeal is due to be heard in Bristol tomorrow (30 October): but this is an appeal on sentence only. If the appeal fails, the issue of which prison she is held in remains with the Ministry of Justice.

Today, a petition asking that Tara be held in a women’s jail passed the 100,000 mark: and large-scale demonstrations are planned for tomorrow outside the appeal court in Bristol as well as outside the Ministry of Justice in London.

We have asked the Ministry of Justice to explain this further apparent breach of their guidelines and whether they condone the way in which Tara is being treated. They have not yet responded.