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Trans woman shot 11 times on way to the gym in Brazil

Trans woman shot 11 times on way to the gym in Brazil

Nicolly Banks shot and murdered in brazil

A transgender woman was shot 11 times and killed on her way to the gym in Brazil.

Nicolly Banks, 26, walked down Liopino Lourenço de Araújo street in Uberlândia, Triângulo Mineiro, when she was shot.

A resident on the street told Otempo that they heard several shots and Banks running and screaming for help. She repeatedly shouted ‘no, no, no’. They also claim the perpetrator shot several parts of her body.

The police are yet to arrest a suspect.

Police received a complaint that a woman was lying in the street. Police seized 11 380-caliber firearm capsules and took the body to the city’s Medical Legal Institute.

The victim is said to have received several threats to leave the city. She also survived being shot at a month before.

Banks lived alone and after the first attempt on her life, she fled to her adoptive father’s house. There her sister-in-law persuaded Banks not to file a complaint with the police.

However, she continued to receive threatening text messages. They told her she needed to leave the city or she would die.

Daily threats

Trans people face daily threats of violence in Brazil. It is one of the most dangerous places in the world for the trans community, with one of the highest rates of murder against the community.

Last year, the brutal murder of Dandara dos Santos, 42, sent shock-waves through the world as the video of her death went viral.

In the video, the men beat her in the head with their hands, flip flops and a wooden plank. Then they threw her into a wheelbarrow, took her down a dirt road, and shot her twice in the face.

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