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Trans woman shot to death in LA while banging on stranger’s door for help

Trans woman shot to death in LA while banging on stranger’s door for help

The final moments of Deshawnda Bradley’s life were spent frantically banging on the door of a stranger’s Los Angeles home.

Before anyone could help the 21 year old, someone shot the trans woman to death in LA’s Chesterfield Square neighborhood.

No arrests have been made in the early Wednesday (3 December) morning murder which has left the victim’s family large devastated and the LGBTI community outraged.

‘We don’t know what happened,’ Bradly’s twin sister, Deshawn Bradley, tells Huffington Post. ‘There has been so many stories — mistaken identity or robbery gone wrong.

‘She was a loving caring person,’ the sister adds. ‘She didn’t bother nobody and didn’t start drama. I don’t know why anybody would want to hurt her.’

A surveillance camera from a neighbor’s house shows someone pulling up to the house, getting out of a car and running up to the porch. They could then be seen running back to the vehicle and driving away, according to LA TV station KTLA 5.

LAPD Detective Christopher Barling said: ‘At this point, we cannot say it’s a hate crime but we have not ruled out that as being a possibility.’

A vigil and rally was held Friday (5 December) evening for Bradley where attendees were due to march from a local supermarket to where she was shot, according to a Facebook page in her memory.

The page includes photos of various homemade signs including one which reads: ‘Please stop killing our beautiful, incredible sisters.’