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Trans woman shot and killed in the US, media misgenders her

Trans woman shot and killed in the US, media misgenders her

RIP JoJo Striker

A trans woman was shot and killed in the US, the third reported trans murder in the country so far this year.

JoJo Striker was murdered in an empty garage in Toledo, Ohio, on 8 February.

She died of a single gunshot to her torso. She was only 23.

Police do not currently have a suspect or motive.

Following the death, Striker was misgendered by the media presumably because her mother referred to her trans daughter as her ‘son’.

‘The police told us to leave it alone but that will never happen because I will always search for my son’s killer,’ Shanda Striker told WTOL.

‘This is a hate crime and it needs to stop.’

Equality Toledo said they were ‘saddened to hear of the murder’.

‘As a way to honor her life, this is a direct invitation to all media sources in the Toledo area to a workshop on how to appropriately report on the lives of the LGBT community, particularly our transgender siblings,’ they said.

‘We are deeply saddened by the death of JoJo Striker, and we send our thoughts and condolences to those impacted by her death,’ Emily Waters, senior manager of national research and policy at the New York Anti-Violence Project, said.

‘We are already seeing signs that the new administration will be stepping back protections for transgender people.

‘In a moment when we are seeing the highest number of reports of homicides of transgender and gender non-conforming people, we need policies that protect the rights and safety of transgender people — not rollbacks.’

Mesha Caldwell and Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow, both trans women of color, were killed in January.