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Trans woman strangled to death after drag show in Honduras

Trans woman strangled to death after drag show in Honduras

Sherlyn Montoya was killed in Honduras

A trans woman who also performed in drag was strangled to death in Honduras.

Sherlyn Montoya was discovered wrapped in sacks in a small alley in the northern part of the capital Tegucigalpa on 4 April.

She was just 29.

Known as La Diva, she had gone missing after appearing at her show Divas and Drag the previous weekend.

Her body was discovered in the alley next to a gas station.

Ketil Karlsen, European Union’s ambassador to Honduras, said she was ‘dismayed’ to learn about the death of Montoya.

‘I am very dismayed at the news of the death of a member of a LGBTI community, Sherlyn Montoya ‘ they said.

‘Regardless of our sexual orientation, we all have the same human rights.’

He urged authorities to investigate as well as the other homophobic and transphobic attacks.

240 LGBTI people have been murdered in 2008, human rights group have said. They add 95% of the killers’ victims have not been found or charged with the crime.

‘What is happening in Honduras still does not have a name; it is simply savagery in the extreme expression of evil and lack of respect for life,’ Asociación LGTB Arcoíris General Coordinator Donny Reyes told the Washington Blade.

‘And this is based in three elements. 1) Religious fundamentalism in the name of God that comes from the pulpits and urges governments to discriminate and (promote) hate against LGTB people. 2) The press that contributes and promotes this hate and 3) Last but not least the state itself by not, at the very least, taking positive actions to punish all of those who commit these terrible crimes.’