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Trans woman to sue Christian rehab center in Hong Kong

Trans woman to sue Christian rehab center in Hong Kong

A pre-op MTF transgender in Hong Kong is going to sue a Christian narcotics school for contributing to the delay of her gender reassignment operation by a decade.

The 24-year-old who identified herself only as ‘C’ was forced by her parents in 2002 to enter Christian Zheng Sheng College, according to local tabloid Apple Daily.

Zheng Sheng, meaning ‘repent to live’ in Chinese, refuted C, saying she should not have enrolled if she regarded herself as a female since the school was not equipped to help her.

The private school targeting deviant adolescents also stressed it does not force anyone to be heterosexual, but simply help students to tell the rights and wrongs.

C, who started her delayed medical evaluation last year, questions the statements.

After befriending a group of trangenders in the street at age 15, C said, ‘I have had a strong desire to change my gender and strived to save up as much money as possible for my gender reassignment operation.’

Her relationship with her parents worsened even as she resorted to drugs. Before she entered Zheng Sheng, C said she had already arranged for a psychiatric appointment.

‘The school kept saying how their tutors were psychologists and stopped me from going and shut me up.’

C also accuses Zheng Sheng for forcing her to live, bath and swim with other boys, rallying other students to force her to be a man, inviting preachers to 'cure' her of her sexual deviance and banning her from falling in love.

She tried to commit suicide twice before her mother brought her out two years later. C became even more addicted to drugs and engaged in some criminal activities.

The doctor in charge criticized how she had been forced to delay an evaluation by two years of her prime time and regarded the gender role C was fitted in as tormenting, C said.

Gay Star News has contacted Zheng Sheng for comments.

Praised by some for guiding teenagers back to the right path, Zheng Sheng has also been caught in a few controversies. In 2009, it was reported to have applied for social assistance from the government for around 120 students, but invested part of it in real estate projects in mainland China.