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Trans woman sues Illinois governor’s campaign for discriminating and firing her

Trans woman sues Illinois governor’s campaign for discriminating and firing her

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker giving his inaugural speech

Emma Todd, a transgender woman worked on the campaign of Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, is now suing Pritzker’s campaign for unlawful discrimination and termination.

Todd worked for Pritzker as a Field Organizer on his campaign from August 2017 to March 2018.

According to the lawsuit, Todd ‘received good evaluations and feedback on her work performance’ for the majority of her time of employment.

Problems arose in February 2018 when Pritzker’s campaign hired Raynal Sands as Todd’s supervisor. Todd alleges that Sands ‘viewed transgender identity as a sexual fetish’ and ‘asked about transgender sexual habits in a prurient manner’.

She also reportedly told Todd she was ‘the reason people don’t like transgender people’.

The lawsuit further states that Sands treated Todd differently from other employees, highly criticized her, and in March 2018, told other employees she planned to fire Todd.

Ultimately, the lawsuit says Sands, ‘on behalf of Defendant [Pritzker’s campaign]’ terminated Ms. Todd for reasons other than her job performance’. The reasons, according to Todd, were her sex and/or gender.

Todd is now demanding a trial by jury.

Blindsided and now suffering the consequences

Todd is represented by Jillian T. Weiss and Oak Park, IL attorney Joanie Rae Wimmer.

‘Ms. Todd’s improper termination has caused her to suffer a loss of wages and out-of-pocket medical and insurance payments, as well as loss of reputation,’ Weiss said.

She further confirmed Illinois’ federal courts ruled transgender discrimination violates the law.

Todd, meanwhile, expressed that she loved her job and was ‘blindsided’ by her firing.

‘I wholeheartedly supported and voted for Governor JB Pritzker and Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton to end Bruce Rauner’s heartless administration,’ she said.

‘This lawsuit does not change my support for these highly qualified people. I am bringing this lawsuit because transgender people, like all Americans, deserve the same chance to earn a living, free from discrimination.’

GSN has contacted the office of Governor Pritzker for comment.

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