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Trans woman’s face ‘shattered and her limbs fractured’ in Ecuador

Trans woman’s face ‘shattered and her limbs fractured’ in Ecuador

Catalina Casquete Holguín, 28, was found by the roadside with her tongue

An Ecuadorian LGBTI group have denounced the alleged murder of a trans woman in Guayas, Ecuador.

Catalina Casquete Holguín was found on the Puente Alterno Norte bridge near Durán at dawn on 25 April, Ecuador TV reported.

Federación LGBTI considered the 28-year-old’s death ‘suspicious’ while authorities considered her death as a result of a vehicle collision. This is despite authorities finding her tongue, separate from her body, near the scene.

What happened?

Locals found Holguín near Panterna Alternate Bridge at around dawn.

The Traffic Research Office reported her death, and authorities claim a vehicle ran her over. One local Ecuadorian news website, 24Ecuador,  described her face as ‘shattered and her limbs fractured.’

However, the Federación LGBTI cast this into doubt.

In a statement on Twitter, the group said: ‘It is suspicious that someone was travelling on that single and double road and about 25 metres away, a fragment of her tongue was found.’

Therefore, the LGTBI collective requested that the National Police, the Ministry of the Interior and the State Attorney General to carry out ‘the necessary investigations to find the perpetrators of this possible violent death.’

‘It was strange that she did not show up to work’

Friends fondly nicknamed Holguín ‘La Cata.’

One friend and co-worker, Jean Terán, told 24Ecuador they saw Holguín for the final time at around 9.00pm the day before. They took a taxi, and after then, her whereabouts became unknown.

‘It was strange that she did not show up to work on Thursday.

‘But it was not until that night that we went to the morgue and they gave us the characteristics of the body and we confirmed what happened.’

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