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Trans women attack two men with sticks and chairs in India

Trans women attack two men with sticks and chairs in India

In shocking footage, six trans women are seen beating two men outside a restaurant in India | Screengrabs: YouTube

A group of trans women were filmed brutally beating a man with sticks and throwing a chair at another during a heated argument in India on 11 July.

As seen in amateur footage, around six trans women attacked the men outside a roadside restaurant on a highway in Karnal, Haryana.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident and have placed the six trans women into custody.

What happened?

It is unclear what incited the conflict, but some local outlets reported that an argument instigated it all.

Outside Chardi Kala Dhaba, two trans women can be seen sprinting across the dirt road towards a white car that is hastily backing-up into the highway.

Meanwhile, three women furiously thrash a man lying on the floor. One woman throws a plastic chair at the vehicle.

But two women get to the car as it pulls up to the highway. While one throws open the door, another hits the car and driver several times with a large wooden plank before he drives off.

This leaves the other man outside the diner. In the footage, the man walks around in torn, bloodied clothing, and then flees

‘We will start a proper investigation soon’

Yet, neither victim has filed a complaint to police. Local authorities said they will begin the investigation.

Sachin Kumar, station house officer, told Ani News that police have placed the trans women into custody.

‘But we haven’t received any complain from both the sides yet, neither have we received any call from the nearby hospitals.

‘We did call one of the victims. He wasn’t available today and he will be filing a complaint tomorrow. We will start a proper investigation soon after we receive his complaint.’

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