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Trans women set to join police force in India

Trans women set to join police force in India

Three trans women will join the police force in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu after passing academy training with flying colours.

The women will enter the force from November 1 as constables.

Their recruitment comes as Tamil Nadu Police has increased its efforts to accept trans people into the force.

‘It is a welcome move and other States should follow. We have been denying them (the transgenders) their due space for centuries. I am happy that the third gender has joined us,’ M.C. Borwankar Director-General, Bureau of Police Research & Development told the Hindu.

‘We have now proved our mettle. I am sure the third gender will also rise to the expectations of the department and deliver.’

The Police Training College is working to establish facilities for trans people at its barracks. Trans people are invited to apply under any gender they are comfortable with.

‘As a matter of policy, the third gender will be eligible to apply in all recruitment’s conducted by the Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board in future. The entry of transgenders is yet another milestone for the State Police,’ a senior police official said.

New recruits

The three trans recruits thanked the Tamil Nadu government for allowing them to serve. The women are following in the footsteps of Prithika Yashini, who became the first trans person to join a police force in

Yashini fought a long court battle to be allowed into the police force and earlier this year finally won when the Madras High Court ruled the police must include a third gender on its application process.

‘Wherever I went for an interview, I was literally thrown out,’ Yashini told the India Times of her attempts to join the force.

‘I had almost stopped dreaming about leading my life on my terms.’