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Trans women struggled to get medical treatment after being shot in Pakistan

Trans women struggled to get medical treatment after being shot in Pakistan

Three trans women stand around a hospital bed. The patient is wearing a blue hospital gown and her face is covered

In what has become the 22nd attack on trans people in Pakistan in 2018 alone, three trans women were shot and critically injured.

The trans women – who are known as Khawaja sara in Pakistan – were heading home on Saturday night (27 January). They were approached by men who allegedly tried to sexually harass them.

After defending themselves from the unwanted sexual advances, the men allegedly got into their car and shot the women as they drove past them. The shooting has left two of the women in a critical condition.

The incident happened in the Swabi district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region in north east Pakistan.

‘The attackers opened fire after the transgender persons resisted the attempted abuse,’ said an officer from the Yar Hussain Police Station.

No medical care

The three trans women were taken to the nearby city of Mardan for medical attention.

But when they arrived there was inadequate staff on hand to provide them with adequate care.

Advocacy group, Trans Action Pakistan (TAP), documented the experience via videos on its Facebook page

‘Three transgender sisters shot in Swabi Yar Hussain are brought to Mardan but there is no surgical doctor present, there are no facilities, they kept on shifting and moving from one ward to other,’ TAP wrote on Facebook.

‘Three of them are bleeding and the hospital staff has no clue how to deal with this. What a shame this is.’

In the videos other trans women can be seen moving the injured Khawaja sara around the hospital on stretchers as they are flanked by local police.

TAP claimed the police were harassing them.

‘Mardan police has completely gone mad. They have tortured transgender community who brought three trans women to Mardan after they were shot in Swabi,’ TAP wrote on Facebook.

‘We are mobilizing Highcourt against this brutality. Police should know that we are equal citizens and we have equal rights and we know our rights and we stand to claim them.’

The women were eventually admitted into hospital with one still in a critical condition. Some members from TAP are keeping vigil by her beside

22 trans attacks in 2018

Violence against the trans community is not uncommon in Pakistan.

Last week an 18-year-old trans activist was allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped by nine people in Peshawar.

But in 2018 there has already been 22 seperate attacks on trans people according to Transgender Association President Qamar Naseem.

Gay Star News has reached out to Mardan Police for comment.