Making your workplace trans inclusive is not hard. This is how to do it

Helicopter pilot Ayla Holdom was the first out trans person in the RAF talks about making your workplace more trans inclusive | Photo: My Genderation

A new short film has been released to help anyone who wants to make their office trans-inclusive. And the filmmakers want you to know it’s not as daunting or hard as many think it is.

Non-binary trans activists Fox Fisher and Owl Stefanía have released ‘Transgender in the Workplace’ in collaboration with the UK’s National LGBT Police Network.

‘Making sure trans people have respect in the workplace should not be a big deal at all,’ Owl tells Gays Star News.

They say first steps include ‘introducing policies or just letting trans people use facilities like toilets in accordance with their gender identity.

As well as, ‘making sure staff members get training and generally make the environment trans-friendly.’

Specifically, Owl says the film is hoping to spark a conversation about trans issues in the workplace.

Trans role models including RAF dog trainer Chrissie Bentley and helicopter pilot Ayla Holdom feature.

Holdom is the former servicewoman who at one point was the only openly trans pilot serving in the RAF. She also did her service with Prince William in whilst in the RAF’s Search and Rescue Force.

All in all, the activists hope it can help all people learn the tools they need to make their office an easier place to be trans.

Watch the documentary now:

Owl says the documentary came about after the National LGBT Police Network to make a film for them that would over trans issues in the workplace.

But, the activists didn’t take the project on lightly.

‘Given the history between the trans community and the police force, we realize it is a sensitive matter.

‘After giving it much consideration we came to the conclusion that this film would ultimately foster understanding. So this was an opportunity to work from within and hopefully create change,’ including in the police service.

Moreover, the film was made entirely by trans people, about trans people. Even though, it’s aiming at a wider audience.

Ultimately, Fox and Owl hope the film will be a useful resource for all workplaces.

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