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Trans Youtube star comes out as a lesbian

Trans Youtube star comes out as a lesbian

Canadian Youtuber, Gigi Gorgeous, reveals in her latest video that she now identifies as a lesbian.

Gigi says: ‘I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and examining on who I am and who I’ve become… I fell in love with somebody and that person happens to be female.’

Her partner is model and socialite, Nats Getty and they’ve been dating for a few months.

‘I would not have seen falling in love with a girl coming from a mile away, but now that I’m here… I feel so happy,’ Gigi says.

The trans Youtube star has been very public with her gender identity in the past, coming out as a gay man and then as a trans woman.

Gigi explains that labels have held her back for a very long time, but it’s important to just let that go and do or be whatever you want.

‘I think it’s truly disgusting that people feel the need to push other people into categories or labels of sexuality,’ she says.

‘Who the fuck are you to tell me who I am?’

Addressing the inevitable haters and the negative comments, she says everyone has their own journey and change is a personal decision.

‘Life happens and people change… it’s not the fact of why people have changed, it’s not who is making them change. It’s just the solid fact that people change.’

‘There is no better feeling for being loved and accepted as who you are,’ she says.

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