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Transgender actor axed from cast of EastEnders

Transgender actor axed from cast of EastEnders

EastEnders has eliminated its first regular transgender character and the transgender actor who played him.

Riley Carter Millington joined the British soap last fall as Kyle, the brother of fan fave character Stacey.

‘When I landed a six-month contract at EastEnders it was a dream come true. For that to be extended to a year was something I never expected,’ Millington tells

‘However, as the time comes for Kyle to depart Walford I am looking forward to taking on new roles and who knows, Kyle may find his way back to Walford one day.’

Kyle told Stacey last year that he was her brother. When Stacey didn’t believe him because her dad had three daughters with his other family, Kyle shared that he was born ‘Sarah.’

Millington, 22, earned an Inspirational Role Model Of The Year nomination at the European Diversity Awards and was named Newcomer Of The Year at the TV Choice Awards.

He also took first place in the Independent on Sunday’s 2015 Rainbow List – the first trans man to take the top spot.

The jury had said the actor and his success in mainstream television represented ‘a tipping point for the representation of transgender people in the media.’