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Transgender footballer has a heart attack on pitch

Transgender footballer has a heart attack on pitch

A transgender woman is recovering in hospital in Hobart, Tasmania after she had a heart attack on the football pitch.

Martine Delaney is a reserve striker for Tilford Zebras’ women’s team who play in the state’s women’s league.

Delaney, 55, was saved by teammate Kate Chambers who performed CPR at the KGV Oval in Glenorchy.

‘I can’t remember anything. All I know is that I’d done a nice pass and a goal was scored and then I fell over,’ said Delaney to the Tasmania Mercury.

‘I’m incredibly lucky. If it had happened at home it might have ended differently. But I had someone like Kate, who’s a highly trained police officer and is incredibly determined.’

Delaney is a vocal transgender rights advocate as well as a footballer. She started playing when she was younger and still living as a man. In June 2005 the Football Federation Tasmania agreed that she could play for women’s teams.