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Transgender former member of Italy’s parliament arrested in Sochi

Transgender former member of Italy’s parliament arrested in Sochi

Various media outlets are reporting that Vladimir Luxuria, Italy’s first out transgendered elected official, has been arrested in Sochi.

According to the McClatchy Washington Bureau, Vladimir Luxuria was allegedly arrested after holding a rainbow colored banner that said ‘Gay is OK’ in Russian.

Luxuria took a photo, holding the banner, outside of Olympics’ Medal Park. She put the picture on Twitter.

‘I’m in Sochi,’ the Twitter caption said, in a McClatchy translation. ‘Regards with the colors of the rainbow, in the face of Putin!’

Russian authorities have apparently arrested her. According to the McClatchy report Luxuria called an Italian activist organization called the Gay Project.

Imma Battaglia, Gay Project representative, has told two media outlets Luxuria is ‘alone in a room with neon lights on the face, allegedly in police custody.’

GSN will provide more information on this story as details emerge.

UPDATE: The New York Times  reports Luxuria was released at 3am [local time]. She spoke to Flavio Romani,  president of Arcigay, an Italian gay-rights organization, by phone before and after her arrest.

Romani, who is in Italy, added Luxuria plans on attending a hockey game on Monday (17 February); she will wear rainbow colors, a symobl of gay pride.