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Transgender Navy SEAL Kristin Beck describes Chelsea Manning as a ‘traitor’

Transgender Navy SEAL Kristin Beck describes Chelsea Manning as a ‘traitor’

Transgender former Navy SEAL Kristin Beck blasted the former Bradley Manning for using gender identity to ‘act badly.’

Beck, who earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart while serving for 20 years in the military as Christopher Beck, took to Facebook on Thursday (22 August) to share her views on Manning who came out as a transgender this week.

‘What you wear, what color you are, your religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity has no basis on whether you are a CRIMINAL or NOT.’ Beck wrote in a Facebook post after getting numerous media requests for comment on Manning.

‘For this person, whether male or female to use gender identity to act "BADLY" is a slap in the face to me and everyone who does not fit the "Binary Gender Norm." It is not an excuse for anything illegal or unjust.’ she added.

Manning, who now has the first name of Chelsea, announced she would be living her life as a female after being sentenced to 35 years in a military prison after being convicted of 20 charges including espionage.

Manning enlisted in the Army in 2007 and trained as an all-source intelligence analyst. Two years later she was deployed to Baghdad as an intelligence analyst and became a mole for the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. She was arrested in Iraq in May 2010.

‘This person took an oath to protect American interest and defend the constitution, and took additional oaths due to security clearances to protect information that leaders deem secret,’ Beck wrote.

‘There are legal avenues to whistle blow or bring attention to issues. THIS person is a liar and a thief and a traitor to many people. If Bradley is truly "Chelsea" then "she" is a traitor to ME personally. There is no excuse.’

Beck has served in some of the most dangerous battlegrounds in the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan and wrote about her experiences in the book Warrior Princess.