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Transgender person shot dead in Detroit, Michigan

Transgender person shot dead in Detroit, Michigan

A transgender person was shot to death in Detroit

A 35-year-old transgender person was fatally shot on the East Side of Detroit.

What happened?

According to the Detroit Free Press, the unidentified person was found around 6 AM on Friday, 7 December. No other details about the victim have been released at this time.

The body was found on E. McNichols Road, between Brush and Omira. The street remains closed for the investigation.

Police are currently investigating the incident, but do not consider it a hate crime.

Authorities are looking into a claim by a man who was allegedly robbed in the area and fired a self-protection shot. He was unsure who the bullet hit. While both these incidents took place close to each other, police are investigating them separately.

Police have a 46-year-old male in custody, according to ABC7 Detroit.

‘I would say that crimes committed against the (LGBT) community are down,’ said Cpl. Danielle Woods, the Detroit police LGBT Liaison.

Woods’ role in the department is to provide ‘sensitivity, awareness, and terminology training.’

Anything else?

Thankfully, ABC7 Detroit and the Detroit Free Press did not misgender or deadname the victim. Unfortunately, not every news outlet provides the same attention to detail for transgender murder victims. For instance, initial reports of last year’s death of trans woman Stephanie Montez identified her as a ‘man in a dress.’

Over 369 transgender people have been murdered globally in 2018 thus far.