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Transgender seat belt safety campaign goes viral in India

A campaign using transgender women to remind motorists to use seat belts has become an online hit in India with nearly 2 million people viewing the video online

Transgender seat belt safety campaign goes viral in India

A seat belt safety campaign in India has become an online hit after it enlisted the help of India’s transgender community to remind people to buckle up while driving.

Almost 2 million people have watched the campaign video on YouTube and other platforms in which the transgender women, known traditionally in India as Hijras, step out into stopped traffic to remind drivers to use their seat belts.

Despite being marginalized Hijras have traditionally been believed to confer blessings and are often asked to bless births and other auspicious events.

In the campaign the Hijras bless drivers who buckle up and deny blessings upon those who refuse to drive safely.

‘If you wear your seat belt, we will bless you,’ the Hijras say in the video, while reminding they are not airline pilots and that they do not have oxygen masks and safety vests to protect them in an emergency – but they do have seat belts.

Watch the video below

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