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WATCH: Transgender student attends prom in uplifting music video

It's a love letter of support

WATCH: Transgender student attends prom in uplifting music video
Student at prom in Don't Give Up music video

Canadian pop singer Maggie Szabo’s newest music video, Don’t Give Up, celebrates trans youth at prom.

Described as a ‘love letter of support to the LGBTQ community’, the video tells a touching and uplifting story. It’s something that is all too rare, making it that much more thrilling to see.

The song is a positive anthem, with a powerful chorus: ‘When your back’s against the wall / Cause you feel you’ve lost it all / There’s nowhere left to turn and / No one left to call / There’s someone just like you / That feels the same way too / Why would you surrender / Don’t give up on love.’

In the music video, a teenager struggling with their gender identity is getting ready for prom. It’s clear that it’s not exactly a celebratory event.

However, the story has an unexpectedly happy and beautiful ending.

‘So many trans youth feel alone because there isn’t anyone standing with them,’ Szabo told Billboard. ‘I hope to be one of the many more people in this world that lets them know they are loved.’

Portions of the video’s profits are going to the Ali Forney Center, a US organization helping LGBTI homeless youth.

On her choice of donation: ‘I have seen too many situations where transgender youth are being discarded by their family and forced to live on the street and engage in high risk behavior simply to survive.’

Watch Don’t Give Up music video:

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