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Transgender woman shot and killed the day before Trans Day of Visibility

Transgender woman shot and killed the day before Trans Day of Visibility

Transgender woman Ashanti Carmon

A transgender woman was shot and killed in Maryland on Saturday (30 March) — the day before International Trans Day of Visibility.

Police found Ashanti Carmon, 27, near the DC line in Prince George’s County, Maryland over the weekend. She had multiple gunshot wounds and authorities pronounced her dead at the scene.

Transgender activist Earline Budd told local news station WJLA that Carmon often came through his office at HIPS. This group helps find trans people alternative jobs to sex work.

‘She wasn’t someone that frequented the streets a lot, so that’s why it’s so shocking and the community is stunned,’ Budd said. ‘I’ve been getting calls all day about this murder.’

Budd continued, describe the Prince George’s neighborhood: ‘We’ve had quite a few transgender folks who have been assaulted, have been shot, who have been stabbed in that area.’

Activists warn trans people of frequenting the area, Budd confirmed.

Violence against trans women of color

Carmon is the second known transgender woman of color killed in the US this year.

In January, police found Dana Martin dead from a gunshot wound in a vehicle in a roadside ditch in Alabama.

Trans violence is becoming a more common occurrence around the world, and trans women of color face disproportionately high risks of becoming victims of this violence.

In 2018, there were 28 known homicides of transgender people within the US. This was an increase from 2017’s 25 count.

Philip Williams, Carmon’s fiance, spoke to NBC Washington about the loss.

‘Until I leave this Earth, I’m going to continue on loving her in my heart, body, and soul,’ he said. ‘She did not deserve to leave this Earth so early, especially in the way that she went out. She did not deserve that.’

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