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Transgender woman slain in Baltimore

Transgender woman slain in Baltimore

On 16 July the body of a transgender woman was discovered in a Baltimore alley.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Mia Henderson was found by law enforcement officials when they were serving a warrant on a matter not related to the victim.

According to authorities the 26-year-old sustained ‘severe trauma.’ There are no suspects.

The victim is the sibling of National Basketball Association player Reggie Bullock. According to ESPN, the small forward tweeted the following on 16 July:

‘All I can say is my brother showed me how to live your “OWN LIFE” love you soo much man. Gone but nor forgotten #RIPKEVIN.’

‘At least I sent the last LOVE YOU to my brother,’ Bullock also tweeted on 16 July.

Henderson was previously known as Kevin Long.

On its Facebook page, the New York Anti-Violence Project noted this was the fifth murder of a trans woman since June, and Baltimore’s second in the same time span.

Police are investigating if Henderson’s death is connected to the previous crime, which also has no suspects.

In it’s recent annual report on anti-LGBTI violence, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs reveled that in 2013 ‘almost three quarters (72%) of homicide victims were transgender women, and more than two-thirds (67%) of homicide victims were transgender women of color, yet transgender survivors and victims only represent 13% of total reports to NCAVP.’