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Transparent has inspired a jewelry line for trans rights

Transparent has inspired a jewelry line for trans rights

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A popular New York jewelry company has created a new line inspired by the hit TV show, Transparent.

Catbird teamed up with Transparent’s creator Jill Soloway to create the unique jewelry. Catbird has pledged 50% of the profits from the sales of the jewelry line to the  National Center for Transgender Equality.

Transparent is the multi-award winning Amazon TV show about a family called the Pfeffermans and is centred around one of the parent’s gender transitions.

‘We love Transparent for its tender and wry portrait of an American family, and commitment to transgender and non-binary storytelling,’ Catbird said on its website.

‘Also, it makes us laugh. A lot.’

The special line features two rings and a necklace. The rings are engraved with the trans symbol, with the necklace featuring the colors of the trans flag.

‘At Transparent, we are proud to be trans,’ Soloway told Vogue.

‘These pieces are subtle and empowering works of art incorporating trans symbology. Wearing them will be a wonderful indicator of allyship and solidarity.’

Two years in the making, Catbird’s founder Rony Vardi, and its creative director Leigh Batnick Plessner worked closely with Soloway to create the designs.

‘When you are choosing to spend your money on something that you want but you don’t need, and it’s with us, we want you to know that you have put your resources into a place that is built on kindness and community,’ Vardi told Vogue.

In keeping with the community spirit, Catbird hired an all trans team to style a photo shoot of the Transparent-inspired jewelry. The photos shoot stars some of Transparent’s cast and crew.