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Transphobes attack charity Comic Relief for celebrating a trans woman

Transphobes attack charity Comic Relief for celebrating a trans woman

Lili Elbe is a transgender icon

Transphobes are on the attack again and this time against British charity Comic Relief.

The charity, which has raised over £1 billion in its 33 years, has a long history of supporting many causes. These causes include a lot of women-specific causes, like rape centres and women’s aid.

And part of that charitable work is also highlighting inspirational women as part of its Women Wednesday series.

The series celebrations inspirational and important women from history and today.

Comic Relief chooses Lili Elbe to celebrate as part of Women Wednesday series

Eddie Redmayne stars in The Danish Girl
Eddie Redmayne stars in The Danish Girl

For Trans Awareness Week, they chose Lili Elbe.

Depicted in The Danish Girl, Lili was one of the first in the world to transition in the public eye.

‘It would be an understatement to say that Lili Elbe lived anything but an incredible and brave lifestyle during a time where ‘transgender’ and ‘homosexuality’ were widely un-accepted, unheard of and misunderstood terms,’ the Comic Relief writer said.

‘It was still illegal in many countries to be gay or lesbian… Many of Lili Elbe’s partners and friends were discriminated against in their association with her.’

‘Comic Relief has a strong alliance with the trans community,’ a Comic Relief writer added. [The charity] funds organisations that help tackle gender injustice, as well as gender and sex-related violence in the UK and beyond.

‘Stories from history like the one of Lili Elbe stand as a testament for how far we have come in recognising gender fluidity.’

Transphobes attack charity

Prince Harry meets someone enjoying Sport Relief | Comic Relief

But this wasn’t good enough for many transphobes.

Many on Mumsnet said they were going to email complaints about the choice for Women Wednesday.

One said: ‘A whole history of inspirational women and they go with a deluded man who offered himself up for medical experimentation?’

‘I made the point that they could have chosen any one of the many remarkable women who do work for them and the projects they support. Instead, they chose to feature a man,’ another said.

‘They will be getting no money or support from me this year.’

On Comic Relief’s Facebook page, one commenter said: ‘Poor, very poor. How much support do you think you just lost yourselves?’

Comic Relief responds

Comic Relief works with a range of groups to promote our vision of a just world free from poverty,’ a Comic Relief spokesperson told Gay Star News. ‘We have been funding programmes tackling gender-based violence and supporting women and girl’s empowerment since we began in 1985.

‘It is also our firm belief that every individual has the right to be who they are and to define their identity.’

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