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‘Traumatized’ student tortured by Russian gang returns home

‘Traumatized’ student tortured by Russian gang returns home

A ‘traumatized’ Swazi student who was tortured by a homophobic Russian gang has returned to his home country.

According to Swaziland government sources, the 20-year-old man was studying at Shukhov State Technological University in Belgorod when he was lured to an apartment by the anti-gay terrorist group Occupy Pedophilia.

Earlier this month, a video was posted onto social media showing the black youth being interrogated over his sexuality and skin, was made to strip and had his head forcibly shaved.

He was also made simulate oral sex with a beer bottle, dance while carrying a watermelon and then had the watermelon smashed in his face.

Later, after repeated comments about his skin color, a woman with the group said he would like to have sex with a cat.

The horrific torture is captured on film for 33 minutes, but appears to have been edited so it could have lasted hours.

Like many other victims, the group lured him online with a fake promise of meeting another young guy for a date.

The group claims they posed as a 15-year-old – a year under the legal age to have sex in Russia – but no proof of this has been found.

The 20-year-old was spared the rape many other victims have faced.

‘While government was gathering information about his case, “Gadlela” came home,’ a Swazi government spokesman said.

‘Due to the trauma he suffered, he went to his family and neglected to contact government on his arrival (as is required for all students returning from study abroad.’

The government spokesman used a fake name for the student.

Social welfare workers have been in touch with the young man, who have spoken to his mother.

Describing him as ‘traumatized’, she said he wished to not be disturbed.

He will be returning to study in due course, but not at Shukhov.

It comes as the ringleader of Occupy Pedophilia Maxim Martsinkevich has announced he has fled Russia to avoid charges of ‘extremism’.

But while Russian prosecutors are not filing charges of kidnapping, assault or rape against Martsinkevich, he is being sought for ‘incitement of ethnic and social hatred’.