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Travel money essentials for pride

Travel money essentials for pride

As with any international excursion it’s important to be prepared and pride is no exception. When it comes to your travel money it can pay off to plan ahead. With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with the leading foreign exchange specialist Travelex to give you some useful travel money tips, for those travelling to pride events overseas.

Planning ahead

Before you go, Travelex has a number of handy tools that can help you plan your trip. To help get organized, try Travelex’s FREE Trip Planner App with helpful check lists and packing guides, plus you can get updates on the weather, general travel tips and order money online. (The Travelex Trip Planner iPhone app is available in the UK and US only).

Baffled by exchange rates? Travelex’s Travel Rate Tracker is a hassle free way to track the latest and historical rates on foreign currency. It can do the hard work for you by monitoring foreign exchange rates and sending you email alerts at your pre-selected date or rate threshold.

Order online

Ordering currency online in advance is the best way to get the most for your holiday pounds or dollars. Travelex allows you to combine the value of ordering online, with the convenience of collecting at the airport before you jet off, saving you one extra job to do before you go

Carrying your currency

Travelex always recommends taking a ‘mixed wallet’ approach when carrying money abroad, that is, a mix of cash and cards.

When you arrive, it’s ideal to have some local currency on hand, for incidentals such as drinks or taxis. But you don’t want to carry too much, especially if you’re going to a busy festival.

Travelex’s Cash Passport prepaid currency cards are chip and PIN protected, not connected to your bank account and can be reloaded online or over the phone, making them the ideal pride companion. They are accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard acceptance mark and you can choose from up to seven currencies including Euro and Sterling.

Your leftover currency

If you’re unsure how much cash you should take, you can secure its value with Buy Back Plus and have peace of mind knowing you will receive the same value for your left over money when you return home.

Travel money essentials

Broken down simply, the golden currency rules when traveling to Pride are: