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Troll hijacks gay couple’s travel blog to promote pedophilia

Troll hijacks gay couple’s travel blog to promote pedophilia

'Couple of men' Karl and Daan had their profile trolled and used to promote pedophilia. Photo: Couple of Men Instagram

An internet troll, posing as travel bloggers ‘Couple of men‘, hijacked their Twitter account to promote pedophilia.

Karl Krause and Daan Colijn are gay travel bloggers who tell their followers of gay-friendly and LGBTI-owned businesses and communities throughout the world.

Posing as gay men on Twitter, the troll’s posts went viral as they attempted to falsely tie the LGBTI community to pedophilia.

Fans alerted blogging gay couple about troll’s posts

Krause and Colin only discovered the hack at Christmas, when outraged fans started emailing them. They had no idea their faces were being used to promote pedophilia.

The Dutch/German couple were told their pictures were being used to promote pedophilia in several viral posts on Twitter.

‘They were outraged emails,’ Krause told NBC News. ‘They were saying: ‘How can that be? You are not pro-pedophilia. I know that.’’

One tweet from the troll’s account, which used the handle @vaceyi, stated that ‘Pedophilia is a sexual orientation you bigots.’

That tweet got more than 16,000 replies and caught the attention of far-right parts of the internet, NBC reported.

Scathing responses were then posted from right-wing commentator and former Major League Baseball pitcher, Curt Schilling, and “pizzagate” conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec, among others.

Bloggers’ pictures were stolen

One of their pictures features Krause and Colijn kissing in front of a rainbow flag. This image was stolen by a Twitter troll who went by the name ‘Alex’, an account that was created in December, NBC reported. The account then tweeted messages promoting pedophilia.

‘It’s frustrating to see someone misusing our image for political purposes — basically supporting an argument against the LGBTI community with our work,’ Krause said.

The account successfully spread across Twitter the deliberately defamatory idea that pedophilia is an acceptable part of LGBTI life.

Various efforts to tie the LGBTI community to pedophilia have been linked back to message board called 4chan, NBC said. This included the creation of a fake rainbow flag for Gay Pride Month designed to show acceptance of pedophilia.

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