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Trolls leave anti-trans reviews on iTunes on documentary about trans soldiers

Trolls leave anti-trans reviews on iTunes on documentary about trans soldiers

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LGBTI groups are encouraging people to leave positive reviews on iTunes under a documentary which follows the lives of a group of trans service people in the United States.

Transphobic trolls have inundated the review section of documentary TransMilitary with anti-trans comments.

The award winning documentary chronicles the lives of four individuals ‘defending their country’s freedom while fighting for their own’. They film shows how they put their careers and their families’ livelihoods on the line by coming out as trans.

Until 2016, trans people were banned from serving in the military, but President Donald Trump is trying to reinstate the ban.

Anti-trans trolls

The offensive comments take aim at trans people labelling them ‘disgusting’ and having a ‘mental disorder’.

But LGBTI media advocacy group GLAAD has started a campaign to encourage allies to leave positive reviews on iTunes.

Anti-transgender trolls who haven’t seen the award winning documentary TransMilitary are leaving disgusting reviews like this on iTunes,’ GLAAD wrote on Twitter.

‘Speak up to #ProtectTransTroops and leave a positive review now.’

Not long after GLAAD’s campaign began it appeared iTunes had deleted the transphobic comments.

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