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Troye Sivan helps man propose to his boyfriend during concert

Troye Sivan helps man propose to his boyfriend during concert

Troye Sivan and the gay couple

On Tuesday at his concert in New York City, singer Troye Sivan helped facilitate a memorable onstage proposal between two male fans.

During the set, Sivan invited up a seemingly random fan, ‘Just to say hi.’ The man’s name was Judah.

After Judah revealed that his boyfriend, Daniel, was also in the crowd Sivan invited him to join them onstage, exclaiming, ‘he’s also wearing a kippah on his head! A nice Jewish boy!’ Both men wore kippah caps.

Once they were both on stage, Sivan admitted that this was not the spontaneous event it first appeared. Judah then dropped to one knee and proposed to Daniel.

The crowd were hysterical as Daniel said ‘yes’ and the pair embraced. Sivan celebrated by shouting ‘Mazel Tov!’ and hugging them both.

Watch the video below:

At the same concert Troye Sivan also played a new song, Revelation, which will feature in the upcoming film, Boy Erased. Boy Erased is a drama about gay conversion therapy that will be released in the US on the 2 November and in the UK in February 2019. Sivan features in the movie, alongside Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.

Sivan has emerged as one of the biggest LGBTI music stars of 2018. His song My My My was a worldwide hit. He’s currently touring to promote the song’s parent album, Bloom.

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